Never Odd or Even

John Townsend

Series: Cold Fusion
Interest Age: 9 - 12 Years old
Reading Age: 12 Years old
Published: 11 December 2012
AR Book Level: MY 5.7
Book Band: Dark Red
Catch Up Level: TBC
Lexile Level: 850
Pages: 144pp
Words: 11,089 words

Availability: In stock

Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781781271025
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781272794


Here's a detective story with a difference. Elliot is twelve - and he thinks outside the box. Numbers are his thing - and letters. So when 'the biggest mystery that struck our school in the history of the world' needs to be solved, Elliot is the one to call on. But the solution lies inside the book itself - only it's locked away in a series of puzzles and palindromes. Can you find the clues, solve the puzzles and find the culprit? In this mind-boggling detective story with a twist, the reader is the true detective!

A mind-boggling detective story with a twist - where the reader is the true detective! One of the amazing books from the Cold Fusion series, this story is ideal for more able reluctant readers who appreciate letter and number patterns. The clues to the mystery can be found hidden in the pages of the book, providing something different from usual detective stories.


"It was awesome, brilliant! The word puzzles were fantastic and I could relate to the character. He was completely real. The story was realisitc and I have a feeling, although it doesn't actually say, is he autistic? I have strong suspicions that he is just because of the sheer amount of Autistic Awesome(...that fit's with the book!)! I was hanging on to every word. I didn't suspect him or anything. He is clever...; I'm not sure if he was right to do it, which is a point, as he is framed an innocent person, but to be honest I didn't blame him at all. Although he wasn't guilty of that particular crime, he (Victor) was guilty of various other crimes. Eliot was clever because he sent the letter with a hidden message to the police. I loved that bit. It was really cool. I'm just shocked by his amount of cleverness!

I would recommend this book to anyone, anyone you could possibily imagine but particuarly people with Asperger's because they would like the word games that mess with your mind."

Laurie aged 13

"Eliot in Never Odd or Even probably has Aspergers Syndrome. And I reckon this book will appeal to children with similar fondness for prime numbers, palindromes and stuff like that. It even appealed to me, although I had feared it might not, what with all the numbers and things to being with.... It's a short entertaining book about a boy with special interests and his interactions with the villain of the piece Victor. Victor is vile. Evil..."
"I like this book so much. It made me very happy when I was sad. I love it a lot"
Joe, John Port School
"This is a great book for children in KS2 and lower KS3 who need a stimulating, intellectually challenging but accessible read"
National Literacy Association
"an excellent book to get reluctant readers kick-started"
Shropshire Star
"Entertaining story with lots of fun word and number play involved. Recommended reading for children and parents"
The Bookbag

A Thought for the Holidays
This quote if from a brilliant new (short) book I've just discovered, Never Odd or Even by John Townsend, and it's especially relevant on a very hot day in the library. This is Mrs Eve the school librarian talking to the hero of the book 'A library is like a giant freezer, chock full of delicious ideas just waiting to be thawed, fused and consumed. Each book is a frozen feast ready to be opened and melted in the mind. Sometimes a single sentence, like a cube of ice, slides off the page... trickling truth of seeping some chilling secret." How can you resist!
Review Aug 2013
" A fantastic gripping read that will keep you enthralled as you read!... As a teacher I will encourage my children in my class to read this book - a book that I know will engage them, challenge them and teach them. A must read for all children, particularly for reluctant readers"
J Hancock
"Anything that leads to my son simultaneously reading and writing outside school is worthy of a five star rating....If you have an inquisitive child who could handle a challenge I suggest you invest a mere £6.99 in this title"
J Bounderby