Looking for Jo

Hope L Dube

Series: Steve Sharp
Interest Age: 12 Years to adult
Reading Age: 5 - 7 Years old
Published: 15 January 2013
AR Book Level: MY+ 1.3
Book Band: Orange
Catch Up Level: 5
Lexile Level: 150
Pages: 36pp
Words: 327 words

Availability: In stock

Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841674070
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781275566


Steve Sharp was a cop. Now he works for himself. He must find a missing kid. Jo. Seventeen years old.

Steve Sharp is on the case! Traversing the world of organised crime, this book is ideal for readers who want a short, exciting story. The 'reversed' white text on black is perfect for dyslexic children becaause it reduces the glare off the pages, enticing them into the gripping story.

The Steve Sharp series is ideal for ages 12 to adult with a reading age of 5 - 7 years.