Helen Orme

Series: Siti's Sisters
Interest Age: 12 - 14 Years old
Reading Age: 7 - 8 Years old
Published: 19 July 2011
AR Book Level: MY+ 2.8
Book Band: Gold
Catch Up Level: 11
Lexile Level: 500
Pages: 36pp
Words: 1,545 words

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841677415
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781272640


The Sisters are having a sleepover at Lu's. After watching horror DVDs in Lu's bedroom, it's time to go out to the summer house in the garden where they're all meant to be sleeping. But there are all kinds of spooky noises outside and then the burglar alarm goes off. Lu's parents aren't sympathetic and don't believe the girls when they say it wasn't anything to do with them. But what was it?

This book is part of the very popular series Siti's Sisters, featuring Siti and her group of friends, who are so close they call themselves The Sisters. This is a short, low-level chapter book, with an easy-to-read, fast-moving narrative and is part of Set 3, which is suitable for ages 12+, since some of the stories touch on more grown-up topics such as friends who take drugs and going to parties. The issues presented are, as always in this series, relevant and appealing to girls of this age. The Sisters are here!


v Children, especially girls, aged 10-14
v Individuals, parents, secondary schools and special educational needs services

Key features
v Storylines that readers will identify closely with.
v Strong, contemporary illustrations support texts.
v Simple texts and controlled vocabulary provide
access for even the poorest readers.
v Accompanying workbooks and teacher's notes support educational use.

Marketing points
v The series will reach a growing market of older girls
with low literacy levels.
v The books publish at a time when media attention is focusing on the problems of poor literacy in the UK.
v From a widely acclaimed award-winning publisher
of books designed to develop reading skills.