Unlocking the Poet in Every Child

David Orme

Series: Professional Development in Literacy
Published: 26 September 2011
Pages: 230pp
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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841679693
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781275702


This unique book contains poetry teaching strategies, differentiated poetry activities and a coherent poetry anthology - all organised as one coherent resource.

This is the definitive book for teaching and supporting poetry in the classroom. The value of poetry to children is enormously undervalued. It provides a huge variety of models for writing, as well as providing opportunities to consider grammar and punctuation in action, and to widen vocabulary. It supports many other aspects of literacy by making links with other curriculum areas, exploring points of view and justifying opinions. For students still insecure in their reading, poetry offers repetition and memorability. It is a great loss to children that poetry is not used more extensively in supporting literacy.

The book is in three parts:

Part One discusses strategies for teaching poetry - covering reading, listening and performing, writing and poetry assessment.
Part Two contains over 60 poetry activity ideas, clearly differentiated, each with accompanying poetry texts (written by the author) to support the activity.
Part Three comprises an anthology of poems, organised by type of poem rather than by subject, to support poetry in the classroom.

This is a must have book to support the teaching of poetry and a great accompaniment to Unlocking the Reader in Every Child.