Rosemary Hayes

Series: Raven Books
Interest Age: 12 - 18 Years old
Reading Age: 12 Years old
Published: 6 February 2017
AR Book Level: TBC
Catch Up Level: TBC
Lexile Level: TBC
Pages: 204pp
Words: TBC

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781785913587
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781785913594


Four years ago, Kelly's dad disappeared, apparently having taken his own life.  His family are left devastated and are only just beginning to move on. Then, one day, Kelly thinks she sees him again. It is only a glimpse - and it can't have been him - but it is enough to bring back all the painful memories.  Why did he kill himself?  What was so terrible that he couldn't go on?  The thoughts won't leave her alone. Kelly confides in her friend Jack and as theytry to find out more about Dad's past they unearth a confusing mass of inconsistencies and unanswered questions. Gradually they are sucked into a murky world where nothing is as it seems. They are out of their depth; someone is trying to stop them finding out more and they are in real danger.


Who is following them?  Who can they trust?  And why does Gran refuse to talk about Dad?





"This is tense tale of intrigue on several levels... I was hooked. Unputdownable." Jane Wilson Howarth


"Taken is a well-constructed story told by a very experienced author who knows just when - and how - to increase the tension." Pauline Francis, Awfully Big Blog Adventure


"You won't be able to put this one down." Richard Brown 5 stars on Amazon