Motivating Reluctant and Struggling Readers

Stephen Rickard

Series: Professional Development in Literacy
Published: 23 August 2019
Pages: 128pp
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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841679754

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Literacy specialist Stephen Rickard explores why so many children these days are reluctant to read (or learn to read) and what we can do about it.

Getting children reading can be a struggle. This book presents all the ways in which reluctant and struggling readers can be motivated into reading books with practical activities, strategies, and discussion of key topics. Re-engaging children with reading is a fantastic task, and is made all the more easier with this book.

This book is part of Ransom's Unlocking Literacy series and as with all the titles in the series it covers both theory and practice. A practical focus offers simple, tangible strategies to break down resistance and help improve the process of reading with children. The book is packed full of ideas, photocopiable activities, games and other resources. It also includes a strong reference section and invaluable contacts.