The Outer Reaches

The Outer Reaches

From the award-winning author Malcolm Rose.

The Outer Reaches introduces you to a world inhabited by two distinct humanoid species: majors (the majority) and outers. The two races look similar, but they have different talents and different body chemistry. In this world, meet major Troy Goodheart and outer Lexi Iona Four. They form a teenage detective partnership investigating grisly crimes, mysterious murders, dark worlds of deception, and even illegal trade in body parts.

Drawing on the best of science-fiction, mystery and crime fiction, The Outer Reaches is perfect for inquisitive and demanding readers. These are gritty SF-based crime thrillers with intricate plots and plenty of forensic science. Fast-paced storylines with a sound logical foundation make them ideal for teenage readers who find that other books move too slowly.

The Outer Reaches

Interest Age: 13 - 16 years

Reading Age: 13 years

AR book levels: 4.7 - tbc

Book Band: n/a

Catch up level: n/a

Lexile levels: tbc

Word count: 33,000 - 36,400

129 x 198mm

Full-colour cover, b/w text

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