Author Profile - Susan Elkin

Author of: Unlocking the Reader in Every Child and Unlocking the Writer in Every Child.

Susan Elkin is a teacher, author and journalist. She trained at Bishop Otter College (now University of Chichester) and later through two Open University degrees. A long teaching career took her as teacher of English to a London boys’ comprehensive, an SEN school in Northamptonshire, two Kent high schools and finally to a girls’ independent school in Kent. “I have taught children from every age group, social background and ability,” she says.

A lifelong advocate of the importance of books and reading in education, she started writing for publication in 1990. Since then she has written articles about education (and occasionally other things such as gardening, woodwork, travel, music, dentistry, hair washing … ) for almost every national broadsheet and tabloid newspaper, including Education Notebook in Daily Mail regularly for eleven years and many columns in The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times.

She is also the author of over forty books, mostly about teaching and learning, including English textbooks and two titles for Ransom, Unlocking the Reader in Every Child and Unlocking the Writer in Every Child. Her memoir Please Miss We’re Boys (Kindle) tells the story of Susan’s hilarious first five years in teaching.

Today she is Education Editor at The Stage, reviews a lot of theatre, especially work for children, reviews books for Independent on Sunday and contributes regularly to a number of magazines. Her next three books will be English Literature study guides (Hodder) on Anita and Me, Never Let Me Go and Room with a View.