Author Profile - Stephen Rickard

Author of: The 321 Go! series, The Goal! and Dark Man Teacher’s Guides, Dark Man Workbooks, Motivating Reluctant and Struggling Readers, How Do We Know Anything?, Why Haven’t We Seen Aliens? and about 50 books in the Reading Stars series. Also 25 or so out-of-print and long-forgotten multimedia CD-ROMs.

I’m not really a writer. I just happen to write now and again. I work for Ransom Publishing: it’s my job to put the books together, finding or commissioning illustrations, designing layouts, working with the authors, etc. etc. I tend to pick up a lot of the more pedestrian writing – Teacher’s Guides and Workbooks that nobody else is very keen to do.

I’m from Newport, South Wales (I’ve never been back) and started working in publishing after a varied ‘career’: including a Law degree, BBC Studio Manager, an MBA, and ten years working in music: especially with bands This Heat and The Camberwell Now (you can buy their records on Amazon!).