Author Profile - Pamela Cosman

Author of: The Secret Code Menace (Cold Fusion series).

Pamela Cosman grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her childhood was defined by having three older brothers to compete with, and by being unceremoniously dropped into a school for six years where all the instruction was in French, even though she didn’t speak a word of it. From these things she learned how to climb trees, the importance of pronouncing things correctly, and that the universal language of maths is a girl’s best friend.

She studied electrical engineering at the California Institute of Technology, where she played tennis and water polo, which explains why she is one of the few Caltech engineers with a swimsuit photo in Glamour Magazine. She got a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1993. For 20 years, she’s been an engineering professor at the University of California, San Diego, where she is currently the Associate Dean for Students of the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Ever since her first child reached kindergarten, she’s been wondering why children aren’t taught some engineering in school or in books. Her four boys (ages 23, 22, 18, and 13) have been growing up with endless dinner topics on engineering and computer science and statistics, which partly explains why two have degrees in computer science and the other two are showing definite scientific predilections. She thinks engineering is good brain food for kids, and that it can be mixed into a fun adventure story, rather like adding blueberries to ice cream. In her spare time, she likes dancing, hiking, and searching for the right way to explain everything.