Author Profile - Miriam Halahmy

Author of: Yasmin’s Journey (Promises series).

Miriam Halahmy writes novels, short stories and poems for children, teens and adults. She has published four novels and three collections of poetry. Her Y.A. novel Hidden was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and adapted as a stage play for a Paris theatre in June 2015.

Hidden and the next two novels in the cycle, Illegal and Stuffed (Albury Books) cover a wide range of contemporary issues including asylum seekers, human rights, family difficulties, elective mutism, crime, teenage relationships and extreme sport.

Miriam was a special needs teacher for 25 years. She has had a great deal of experience with asylum seekers both in school and as a workshop facilitator with English PEN. She is currently co-authoring the English script of Hidden and editing a new novel to be published next year; The Emergency Zoo (Alma Books), an untold story of WW2 for 8-12 year olds.


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