Author Profile - Maggie Freeman

Author of: Dragon Island, Decorating Sabir’s Room, Jumpers and The Mouse and the Magic Socks (Reading Stars series).

Maggie has always loved telling stories. She began by writing children’s books for her sons when they were little – space fantasy, because that was what they liked best.

After an extract from her The Spaceball was used in a Collins reading book, she began to write primary literacy non-fiction for Collins, including the Big Cats Castles and Building High (about scaffolding).

She has also written Improving the Environment in Oxford’s Connections series. She enjoys the discipline of writing primary literacy books – it’s a bit akin to that necessary for writing poems, which she also does.

She has written four Reading Stars for Ransom, two non-fiction, Decorating Sabir’s Room and Jumpers (which took her back to when she used to do hand-spinning, though she has always been pretty useless at knitting), and two stories, Dragon Island and The Mouse and the Magic Socks, the idea for which came from seeing an old caravan deserted deep in a Swedish forest.

Maggie has written three novels for adults. She gives talks and readings, and teaches Creative Writing in Adult Community Learning.