Author Profile - H. L. Dube

Author of: the Steve Sharp series.

I was born in Southern Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. I attended a school and church run by the London Missionary Society in Zimbabwe. I came to England and had a chance to further my education in ways denied a girl in rural Zimbabwe. I am a qualified teacher and have 2 degrees from the University of Huddersfield.

Work experience has included: primary school teaching in Zimbabwe; Welfare Officer for Anglo-American (de Beers) in Zambia; United Nations Development Programme in Botswana; teaching in UK, mainly at FE level.

I have published plays with Longman/Pearson, and a play was produced on BBC World Service. There have been 9 novels for youth in Anglophone Africa from Pearson and from Macmillan. I have contributed to textbooks for China (Yilin) and Turkey (Pearson), and collaborated on a book on teaching from Continuum International.

I am married. My children are adults and all are successful.