Author Profile - Anne Rooney

Author of: The Vampire Dawn series, Forever (Promises series), Winter (Reading Stars series), and Rising Tide (Shades 2.0 series).

I write fiction and non-fiction for children, and non-fiction for adults. I’ve published around 150 books, many of them for less confident, struggling or reluctant readers. I most like writing gritty or scary books for young teenagers. My blog, Stroppy Author’s Guide to Publishing, looks at all aspects of writing and publishing. I’m also a Royal Literary Fund fellow, helping students and university staff to develop their writing skills.

I live in Cambridge, trying to keep some level of control over daughters and animals – ferrets, a tortoise, a pig, chickens and a crow. A lot of the time I write in cafés, where someone else is making the coffee and cakes and clearing away the mess. I enjoy travelling around Europe by train and going to places it’s probably wiser not to go to.

You can find me (all too often) on Twitter – @annerooney – or Facebook.


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