Author Profile - Ann Ruffell

Author of: Treachery by Night (Shades 2.0 series)

Ann Ruffell spent most of her childhood on the North East Essex coast, and after 30 years of working in the Midlands returned gratefully to the sea – westward this time, to the added bonus of the cradling hills of North Wales. She has been a writer for children since 1977 and among her 70 published novels are the Dragon quartet – Dragon Fire, Earth, Water and Air –favourites in Primary schools, and several teenage romances for Pan’s Heartlines. She has particularly enjoyed writing young adult crime and thriller books for reluctant readers, including her first foray into historical fiction with Treachery by Night, a stirring tale of two young lads caught up in the troubled politics of the Glencoe massacre.

All through her life she has found it difficult to choose between writing and music. Now she teaches piano in North Wales, plays chamber music with friends and walks in the mountains to find inspiration. She has three children and six grandchildren.