Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a system used in schools to help support a child’s reading development. This is done primarily through the use of comprehension quizzes. When a child finishes a book they are able to complete the quiz and be given an AR score. From this, they can be pointed towards more titles which are appropriate for them.As the child’s skill grows, and they complete the online tests, they can move to the next level and continue to improve their reading skill.

Use our Advanced Search tool that allows you to find books at different AR levels and scores. This means you can look for a specific reading level to support any children’s level.


Special Offers on Accelerated Reader Packs

Here are Ransom, we do our best to bear AR in mind when producing our content. Because of this, we offer various services and special offers to accommodate Accelerated Reader.

For a small charge, we offer a service where books are labelled with AR levelled stickers. If you require this service, please mention it when ordering or contact us for further details.

At Ransom, we have fantastic levelled reading packs for users of Accelerated Reader. All titles included in the packs have been quizzed and levelled by AR. This is the perfect way to supplement the weak areas in your AR reading resources with confidence. If you would like us to put together certain levelled packs for you, contact us for more information on receiving these at discounted prices.


Why hasn’t my book got an AR level?

Due to the simple text level in some Ransom titles, not all of our books are eligible for Accelerated Reader. This is because they are too low level to have enough content to quiz. However, we are producing Starter Quizzes for these titles, which will appear on this site.

As well as this, some other texts are currently in the process of being added to AR. You can see a list of titles that are soon to be added, on the AR website.

However, if a book isn’t on AR, you are able to request it. We would love to see as many Ransom titles on their system as possible, so the more requests there are, the more likely we are to achieve this! Request a title here.



Download the Ransom AR Pack as a PDF

What is currently in the pipeline to be quizzed