Weird Places

David Orme

Series: Trailblazers
Interest Age: 8 - 14 Years old
Reading Age: 6 - 7 Years old
Published: 1 October 2006
AR Book Level: MY 3.3
Book Band: Gold
Catch Up Level: 8
Lexile Level: 600
Pages: 36pp
Words: 1,553 words
Non-fiction and Fiction

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841675893
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781274071


From Death Valley to jungle temples where humans were sacrificed, from a giant lake under the ice to a pirate treasure that nobody can reach. There are some weird places in the world. Find out all about them. Get the facts. Then read 'The Lost Tribe', a story about what might have happened to a race of tiny humans.

This fantastic book features an exciting combination of both fiction and non-fiction. The non-fiction section enables readers to engage with the subject matter, using dramatic illustrations and bite-sized texts. The beautifully illustrated fiction story appears in two formats - short, simple texts for more able readers and an illustrated 'speech bubble' version of the same story, for those who are really struggling. Part of the Trailblazers series, this book is brilliant for keeping reluctant readers engaged.


"Your book, Weird Places, is a magnificent book."

Shaun Wilson


1. Bermuda Triangle
2. Death Valley
3. Loch Ness
4. Himalayas
5. Underwater Volcanoes
6. Uluru
7. Tower of London
8. Jungle Temples
9. Lake Vostok
10. Flores Island
11. Stonehenge
12. Oak Island
Fiction: The Lost Tribe
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