Unlocking The Reader in Every Child

Susan Elkin

Series: Professional Development in Literacy
Published: 25 May 2010
Pages: 234pp
Words: N/A

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841679709
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781275689


Required reading for the TES online CPD literacy courses, this is an essential book for every literacy teacher and student.

It provides a basic, quick-to-read guide to teaching reading, drawing on best practice over the years. But it is not just a guide. It is a toolkit too. Each section includes practical activities, games and 'try this' ideas to help develop reading skills and overcome obstacles.

Every page offers some fresh perspectives to try - either at home or in the classroom- all with a practical focus. There are games and activities to:

build phonological awareness
turning decoders into real readers
help strugglers
overcome resistance to reading
harness visual literacy and children's passions
meet individual needs (including children with specific learning difficulties) and
achieve literacy outcomes without even teaching literacy.

This is a book that everyone working in literacy should own! It supplies the best basic guides to teaching reading in an engaging and interesting fashion, presenting practical activities, games and ideas to help develop reading skills and overcome obstacles. It covers all the essential topics in a powerful, clear way with real authority to make the book extremely practical.


Is this book for you?
Part One: The Mechanics of Learning to Read
1 Welcome to English
2 Phonics Plus
3 Helping Strugglers
4 Meeting Individual Needs
Part Two: Creating Effortless Readers
5 Turning Them Into Readers
Practical Teaching Ideas
6 Reading Poems, Songs and Verses
7 Reading for Information
8 Other Strategies for Reading
Resources, Suggestions and Sources of Further