Thrill Seekers

Interest Age: 13 - 18 Years Old
Reading Age: 12 - 13 Years Old
Published: 3 November 2018
AR Book Level: UY 4.3
Lexile Level: 725
Words: 39308
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781785916762

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Set in Brisbane, Australia, and told as a series of skilfully linked short first-person narratives, this is a fast-moving account of the descent into thrills-at-any-cost of the Oxley Creek Boys: from excited young teens on a sinking home-made raft, to self-seeking drug-crazed adolescents on an inexorable trail of self-destruction and deep personal loss. But their loyalty to each other remains strong, and it ends on a note of hope. A lump in the throat page-turner.

This fast-paced read is dynamic and gripping, perfect for teen readers who want all the characteristics of a long novel, dealing with teenage issues and tough topics, in a readable book. Note: this book contains some strong language, graphic scenes and/or tough topics, so is only suitable for older YA readers.


"Thrill Seekers was touching. It was deep. It was mature and it was poignant. It had a very good and meaningful plot. I would be interested in reading other books in the series."

Faith Mutyiri, Holy Road High