The Phoenix Conspiracy (Sharper Shades)

Mary Chapman

Interest Age: 12 - 18 Years old
Reading Age: 8 - 9 Years old
Published: 30 November 2015
AR Book Level: TBC
Book Band: Lime
Catch Up Level: TBC
Lexile Level: TBC
Pages: 64pp
Words: 3,302 words

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781781279892
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781785910944


In a future where hospitals seem to be able to fix anything, Jake's accident should have been easy to sort out. Yes, Jake should have been more careful with the chainsaw, but with regeneration even severed arms could be regrown. So why aren't Jake's friends allowed to see him? Is there something extremely sinister at work?

Part of the new Fresh Shades series, this is a shorter version of the original book. The Sharp Shades stories are illustrated and have simpler language and a larger font than the original book. They are perfect for older readers who may find longer books too daunting, but who still want the excitement of a great story told with pace and style.