The Messenger (Sharp Shades 2.0)

John Townsend

Series: Shades 2.0
Interest Age: 12 - 18 Years old
Reading Age: 8 - 9 Years old
Published: 26 September 2013
AR Book Level: UY 3.3
Book Band: Lime
Catch Up Level: TBC
Lexile Level: 600
Pages: 64pp
Words: 3,024 words

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781781272046
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781274842


When Chris sees an ornamental glass angel smash at his feet he doesn't think anything of it. But when a trip to the moors with his girlfriend brings strange events, he begins to think it may have been a bad omen. Then, out of the blue a stranger warns him to beware. Will Chris ever find out what connects these events, and if he fails what will be the consequences?

In the same style as the Shades 2.0 series, this book tells a fast-paced story but is much shorter than the Shades, allowing for less-able readers to still experience the gripping story but with much simpler language and a larger font. The excitement of the Shades series is still there in these shortened versions of the dramatic, enticing stories.