Phonics and Book Bands

In accordance with the Phonics scheme and Book Band programme, Ransom have ranges and titles that cater for these different levels of teaching reading.

For Phonics, we have a range called Alpha Stars, which includes a title for all the necessary graphemes and phonemes that children are taught. This includes A-Z alphabet titles, as well as the recognised digraphs and trigraphs.

In regards to book banded titles, our Reading Stars range encompasses titles at every book band level. As well as the standard Pink to Lime scale, we also have titles in bands either end of the scale. For those not quite at the stage to read Pink level books, we offer titles in a Lilac band. For those approaching Key Stage 2 and have advanced beyond Lime, we have four additional higher categories: Brown, Grey, Dark Blue and Dark Red. These follow the pattern set by publishers such as Oxford University Press.

As well as Reading Stars, we have recently launched Reading Stars Plus and Neutron Stars. These are for those for whom the book band levels are catered to them, but the content is too young. We have titles across the bands, with Reading Stars Plus releasing content appropriate for 8-12 year olds, and Neutron Stars featuring content for those aged 13+.

The Search Tool available here on the website allows you to search books by their book band, so that you can find the appropriate titles for your students.