Advice on Ransom books

Ransom’s books do not disappoint. They don’t disappoint teachers and they certainly don’t disappoint readers. We produce books that kids, adults and young adults really want to read. The carefully levelled texts, well thought-out structure, great design and illustrations all makes our books ideal for motivating reluctant readers and making real progress with struggling readers.

Of course, when you first open our catalogue, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. It seems that we have a lot of books, and we do. Once categorised however, understanding Ransom books becomes a lot simpler.

We at Ransom publish three types of books:

  • High-Low Reading Titles

  • Reading Programmes

  • Young Adult Fiction (via our imprint Raven)


High-Low Reading

High-low reading is something Ransom specialises in, and something that we are very proud to have such a vast knowledge of the area. These titles are designed for those with lower reading ages, but attract kids of older ages (interest age) so that they can have appropriate content. We release titles in a whole range of genres, so we hope that you find something that suits your student’s needs and interests.

When it comes to finding a book for your struggling or reluctant student, there are a few questions you need to ask first:

  • What kind of pupil are they?

  • What is their reading age?

  • Do you need a specific gender focus?

  • What are their interests?

From just those four questions, you are already in a much better position to find titles for your student. We have funny books like our Pig series, which is perfect for those who want to read Diary of A Wimpy Kid but don’t quite have the reading age. If your student is much more of a visual learner and is a fan of graphic novels and comics, we have our award-winning Boffin Boy series. If they are more inclined towards non-fiction, our Trailblazers books can help them dive into a wide range of topics. For girls who would love to read Jacqueline Wilson books, or titles like the Sleepover Club, we have Siti’s Sisters, a series by Helen Orme which is perfect for pre-teen girls with a reading age of around 7 or 8.

If the problem is not necessarily struggling readers but reluctant ones, we also have our Cold Fusion series for 8-12 year olds. These books are for children who are bright, perhaps they’ve been identified as a Gifted and Talented student, but for whom general fiction has low appeal. They incorporate mathematical and scientific elements, or instead focus on historical fact.

Many of our books are sold in packs of 6, and you can also buy packs that include workbooks (which you can photocopy to your heart’s content!).


Reading Programmes

If your student needs a more structured approach to reading, Ransom release a range of Reading Programme titles, known as Ransom Reading Stars.

These adhere to the standard phonics and book band requirements that schools teach, as well as providing advanced bands in a similar way to Oxford University Press.

We also provide titles for those who still require guided reading programmes even if they’re a bit older. Our Reading Stars Plus range caters to those aged between 8-12, and Neutron Stars range for those aged 13+. Both of these ranges include titles across all of the book bands.


Young Adult Fiction

In 2016, Ransom launched Raven, a fresh imprint releasing exciting, contemporary reads for young adults. These are not for struggling or reluctant readers, but are instead marketed to the general YA reader, an increasingly significant market.

If you have teenage students who already have a love for fiction, these are the titles for them.

We also have discussion questions for readers which are available online.


As well as this, thanks to our Search tool, you can search through our catalogue with very little hassle. You are able to separate books by multiple categories including: Title, Author, ISBN,  Book Band (organised from lowest to highest), Accelerated Reader specs, Reading Age, Interest Age and more. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right books; we hope this helps.