Starchasers and the Deadly Virus

David Orme

Series: Starchasers
Interest Age: 8 - 14 Years old
Reading Age: 8 - 9 Years old
Published: 22 December 2008
AR Book Level: MY 4.2
Book Band: White
Catch Up Level: 10
Lexile Level: 700
Pages: 36pp
Words: 2,721 words

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Paperback (format)
ISBN: 9781841677675
Ebook (format)
ISBN: 9781781273906


Someone is ripping off Planet Wisdom's fancy gadgets and Chief Gripper has appointed the Starchasers to find out who's behind it. When their computer is infected with yet another virus, the team is lead to a sinister looking planet. Sending out a probe to investigate, the team discover Murko and his crazy sidekick Dr Rivet are behind the fake Planet Wisdom gadgets. But there's someone else too - Chief Gripper! The corrupt chief has bugged the Lightspinner nd before they know it, the team is at the mercy of the galaxy's most notorious criminal! Can they outwit this evil trio? And will they bank the reward for capturing Murko?