Ransom's School Consultants

For educational sales, Ransom’s school sales consultants are available to visit schools, academies and other establishments such as SEN units, PRUs etc. Our team of consultants covers early years through to young adults.   They carry a wide range of samples, and have an in-depth knowledge of the collection, with a wealth of experience in providing teachers and librarians with the right resources to match their brief.  Whether you are looking for banded or phonic based titles, books for transition, regular fiction, Accelerated Reader, high interest and age appropriate titles for struggling or reluctant readers, books to appeal to boys, girls or both,our team can advice. Contact us to discuss your needs or arrange a visit.

Call  - 01730 829091

Email – ransom@ransom.co.uk

Or contact your local consultant directly:


South East

Lindi Harman

Tel: 01580 292134

Mobile: 07718 754636

Email: Lindi@ransom.co.uk



Jenny Ertle

Tel: 01730 829091

Mobile: 07717874647

Email: Jenny@ransom.co.uk


London and Surrounding Areas

Sharon Gray

Mobile: 07817 553006

Email: s_gray@yahoo.co.uk


Cambridgeshire, North Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk

Chris Earp

Mobile: 07976 287695

Email: chris@earp9.wanadoo.co.uk



Hilary Dollman

Mobile: 07879618037

Email: hdollman.edbooks@outlook.com



Viv Jones

Mobile: 07981 006247

Email: msbooks4@gmail.com


North England

Mandy Leighton

Mobile: 07779 045933

Email: mandyleighton.evans@hotmail.co.uk

Karen Henderson

Mobile: 07792 952592

Email: 224jkl@live.com

Chris Huttly

Tel: 0191 2530194

Mobile: 07789 866418

Email: chuttly@hotmail.com

Steve Gallagher

Tel: 01740 621910

Mobile: 07740531636

Email: steveglaptop@yahoo.co.uk


West Country and West Wales

Ann Hart

Mobile: 07986 936505

Email: ann@ann-hart.co.uk