Reading Stars Plus Book-Banded Readers

The following is a list of all currently available Reading Stars Plus book-banded titles, by level, showing the order within each level in which the books are best read.

The lowest levels books in each level are shown first, moving up to the highest level books.

Book BandLevel within Band
(in sequence,
lowest level book first)
Title Author
Pink 1 Fangs Stephen Rickard
Pink 2 Play the Game Stephen Rickard
Pink 3 Tops and Caps Stephen Rickard
Red 1 Jump! Stephen Rickard
Red 2 Lots of Goals Elizabeth Dale
Red 3 Cricket Jill Atkins
Yellow 1 On Safari Jill Atkins
Yellow 2 Football Friends Elizabeth Dale
Yellow 3 Super Slashers Stephen Rickard
Blue 1 An Easy Job Elizabeth Dale
Blue 2 I'm Coming to Get You Elizabeth Dale
Blue 3 Helicopters Jill Atkins
Green 1 Awake Elizabeth Dale
Green 2 The North Wind and the Sun Jill Atkins
Green 3 Keeping Warm in Winter Stephen Rickard
Orange 1 The Snow Wolf Maggie Freeman
Orange 2 Vampire Animals Helen Harvey
Orange 3 Germs Stephen Rickard