Neutron Stars Phonics Readers

The following is a list of all currently available Neutron Stars phonics titles, by level, showing the order within each level in which the books are best read.

The lowest levels books in each level are shown first, moving up to the highest level books.

'Letters and Sounds'
Reading Stars
Phonics Level
Level within Band
(in sequence,
lowest level book first)
Title Author
Phase 2 Phonics 1 1 Not Pop, Not Rock Helen Harvey
Phase 2 Phonics 1 2 Go to the Laptop Man Jill Atkins
Phase 2 Phonics 1 3 Gus and the Tin of Ham Jill Atkins
Phase 3 Phonics 2 1 Ben's Jerk Chicken Van Cath Jones
Phase 3 Phonics 2 2 Night Combat Stephen Rickard
Phase 3 Phonics 2 3 Deep in the Dark Woods Cath Jones
Phase 4 Phonics 3 1 G B H Jill Atkins
Phase 4 Phonics 3 2 Steel Pan Traffic Jam Cath Jones
Phase 4 Phonics 3 3 Platform 7 Stephen Rickard
Phase 5 Phonics 4 1 The Rock Show Helen Harvey
Phase 5 Phonics 4 2 Gaps in the Brain Jill Atkins
Phase 5 Phonics 4 3 New Kinds of Energy Jill Atkins