Neutron Stars Book-Banded Readers

The following is a list of all currently available Neutron Stars book-banded titles, by level, showing the order within each level in which the books are best read.

The lowest levels books in each level are shown first, moving up to the highest level books.

Book BandLevel within Band
(in sequence,
lowest level book first)
Title Author
Pink 1 My Toys Stephen Rickard
Pink 2 Curry! Cath Jones
Pink 3 Free Runners Alice Hemming
Red 1 Into the Scanner Elizabeth Dale
Red 2 Shopping with Zombies Stephen Rickard
Red 3 Planting My Garden Stephen Rickard
Yellow 1 Fit for Love Elizabeth Dale
Yellow 2 The Lottery Ticket Cath Jones
Yellow 3 In the Stars Alice Hemming
Blue 1 The Giant Jigsaw Cath Jones
Blue 2 Awesome ATAs Kathryn White
Blue 3 Wolves Jill Atkins
Green 1 The Care Home Alice Hemming
Green 2 Fly, May, Fly Kathryn White
Green 3 How to Start Your Own Crazy Cult Stephen Rickard
Orange 1 Text Me Alice Hemming
Orange 2 Best Friends John Townsend
Orange 3 The Last Soldier Stephen Rickard