What's Coming Up

We will be hoping to publish Lilac level books. Lilac Level books encourage beginner readers to use visual literacy to aid reading development.

As part of the Reading Stars programme, our books vary from the low level lilac and pink books to the high level lime banded books.  There is a combination of fiction and nonfiction titles for book banded books.

Our new Teacher’s Guide will include support for using phonics and book banded books for guided reading in the classroom, specific support and worksheets to accompany each book, and a starter worksheet free for each book provided on our website.

We’re working on creating free support material with free posters and bookmarks and free worksheets for every title in Reading Stars.

See sheets for Green HERE

Assessment package for the Reading Stars programme will be put together to aid reading for comprehension. To further help guided reading there will be comprehension question at the back of each Reading Stars title.

We want to produce more books at every level including plays, traditional tales and a range of genres.

We want teachers to have the chance to give feedback about what you want to see from the program and how we can help support you.