Reading Stars Book-Banded Readers

The following is a list of all currently available book-banded Reading Stars titles, by Book Band, showing the order within each Band in which the books are best read.

The lowest levels books in each Band are shown first, moving up to the highest level books in each Band.

Book Band Level within Band
(in sequence,
lowest level book first)
Title Author
Pink 1 Stripey Socks Stephen Rickard
Pink 2 In the Sky Stephen Rickard
Pink 3 Birds Stephen Rickard
Pink 4 The Play Stephen Rickard
Pink 5 Blue and Green Things Stephen Rickard
Pink 6 Plants and Animals Stephen Rickard
Red 1 At the Pond Stephen Rickard
Red 2 Ready for School Stephen Rickard
Red 3 Keeping Warm Stephen Rickard
Red 4 Legs Stephen Rickard
Red 5 Shopping with Dad Stephen Rickard
Red 6 Tidying My Room Stephen Rickard
Yellow 1 Is That a Yeti? Jane Clarke
Yellow 2 Pets Jill Atkins
Yellow 3 Postcards from Beth Jill Atkins
Yellow 4 Old, Older, Oldest Stephen Rickard
Yellow 5 Fleas Stephen Rickard
Yellow 6 Clowns Jill Atkins
Blue 1 If I Had a Tail Jane Clarke
Blue 2 The Other Side of the Wall Jill Atkins
Blue 3 A Great Day Out Helen Orme
Blue 4 The Best Present Ever Stephen Rickard
Blue 5 Winter Anne Rooney
Blue 6 At the Zoo Alice Hemming
Green 1 Bats Stephen Rickard
Green 2 Late for the Party Alice Hemming
Green 3 Scruffy Goes to the Vet Stephen Rickard
Green 4 That's Not My Problem! Stephen Rickard
Green 5 Road Signs Stephen Rickard
Green 6 "No, I Will Not" Anita Loughrey
Orange 1 Rainbows Stephen Rickard
Orange 2 Yawning in Assembly John Townsend
Orange 3 Colours Alice Hemming
Orange 4 Jack and the Beanstalk Anita Loughrey
Orange 5 Can You See Me? Stephen Rickard
Orange 6 Fierce Animals David Orme
Turquoise 1 Abby the Acrocat Alan Durant
Turquoise 2 The Magic Bicycle John Townsend
Turquoise 3 Night and Day Alice Hemming
Turquoise 4 Ha Ha Hyena Alan Durant
Turquoise 5 Dragon Island Maggie Freeman
Turquoise 6 Our Solar System Anita Loughrey
Purple 1 The Secret Egg John Townsend
Purple 2 The Mouse and the Magic Socks Maggie Freeman
Purple 3 The Northern Lights Alice Hemming
Purple 4 The Frogs Want a King Anita Loughrey
Purple 5 Greedylocks Alan Durant
Purple 6 Plop! Secrets of Poo Power John Townsend
Gold 1 Decorating Sabir's Room Maggie Freeman
Gold 2 Feeding the Dragon John Townsend
Gold 3 Soccer Stars Jane Clarke
Gold 4 Staying Alive John Townsend
Gold 5 Whales Jill Atkins
Gold 6 The Legend of the Three Brothers Jill Atkins
White 1 The Sword in the Bone Jonny Zucker
White 2 Frank N. Stine's Robot Alan Durant
White 3 Cave Kids Jane Clarke
White 4 Animal Escapes John Townsend
White 5 A Lost World John Townsend
White 6 Penguins Helen Orme
Lime 1 A Light in the Forest John Townsend
Lime 2 The Rescue Anita Loughrey
Lime 3 Starway Station Jane Clarke
Lime 4 You'll Never Believe This! John Townsend
Lime 5 The Moon David Orme
Lime 6 Jumpers Maggie Freeman