Readers' Notes for Taken

  1. How does the author use the first page of the novel to set the tone for the rest of the book? Based on this opening, into which genre do you think Taken will fit?

  2. It is four years since Dad disappeared and each of his family members has a different way of coping with this tragedy. Did you find that these different reactions built up an accurate picture of grief?

  3. What do you think about the way Kelly goes about investigating Dad’s past? Should she have done it differently/involved different people?

  4. Jack says that he would like to be a journalist when he grows up. Do you think he would be a good one? In what ways does he demonstrate this?

  5. Jack and Kelly’s relationship develops a lot during their investigation. Under more normal circumstances, do you think that they would still have become close?

  6. How does the author build the tension throughout the novel? How does she make you feel as the mystery develops?

  7. Did you expect the truth about Kelly’s dad to be what it was? What did you think that it could have been?

  8. By the end of the novel, only a handful of people know the truth. Do you think the right people know and do you think they will be able to keep the secret? Are there other people who should have been told?

  9. Although the ending is upbeat, no one knows what the future holds for Kelly. What do you think will happen to her?