Readers' Notes for The Stone Balancer

  1. Do you think Fin should have talked to the authorities about his discovery earlier and why do you think he didn’t? Who could he have approached?

  2. Was it right for Fin to hide his Grandfather’s tin from his family? Explain why you think this.

  3. Was it the author's intention for murder to be the main theme of the novel? Which other themes are brought up?

  4. How does the author use scenery and weather to reflect mood?

  5. Discuss how the author breaks down stereotypes associating disability. What do you think are Fin and Sophie’s attitudes to disability?

  6. Go back to Fin’s note on pages 166-169. How does this affect your views on Fin as a character?

  7. Who was the biggest villain and why? Uncle Calvin or Mr Rattercheck?

  8. Which of the characters had a positive influence on Fin and in what ways?

  9. Compare Stone Balancer Fin from the first chapter to mystery solver Fin from the last chapter. How do they differ? How are they similar?

  10. How do you think Fin’s adventure might have changed him and effected his future?