Readers' Notes for Dead Ed in My Head

  1. Compare how Tod treats family and other people in general at the start with how he treats them at the end.

  2. In your opinion which relationship did the author display most of and why? Was it the friendship between Ed and Tod? The romantic relationships Ed had with Marie and Tod had with Grace or the family relationship between Tod and his mother?

  3. Should Tod’s mother have paid more attention to him? What kind of big brother will Tod be?

  4. Should Ed have continued to live Tod’s life? What would this have meant for Ed? What could have happened to Tod? What would you have done if you were Ed?

  5. Are Tod’s issues ever actually solved? Have Ed and the events of the book changed the course of Tod's life?

  6. Do you think the author focussed on Ed’s past life or Tod’s present life more?

  7. In Ed’s flashbacks we learn about his romance with Marie. If Ed had decided to follow Marie, what could he have said to salvage their relationship? Would Ed have been unhappy if he had had a family with Marie?

  8. Was it the author’s intention for Ed to end up in heaven?

  9. Was Ed ever in Tod’s head or was it all made up as a coping mechanism after Ed’s death?

  10. Tod means 'death' in German and his surname echoes the word for death in Romance languages. Is he part of a larger plan? Was he always meant to carry the dead in his head? Is he a vehicle for the righting of wrongs?