Readers' Notes for Connor's Brain

  1. Does memory define a person? Is Connor still Connor without his memory?

  2. Is trying to get back old Connor more important than building up the new Connor? What is the author's view on this?

  3. Doctor Ranji emphasises that the old Connor may never return. Could this be seen as a good or a bad thing? Could it be both?

  4. In trying to get Connor to remember his old life, is Hattie trying to help Connor or herself? Should Hattie stay and help Connor or should she move on?

  5. Which of the following could jog Connor’s memory best: places, people or emotions? Which does the author believe could?

  6. Is Connor’s memory loss more painful to his parents or to his brother? Explain your thinking.

  7. What lessons did the author want to teach the reader by telling Joy’s story? Is Joy’s story a major part of the plot?