Feely Library Pack

Series: Feely Tonks
Interest Age: 7 - 12 Years old
Reading Age: 7 - 12 Years old
Published: 28 May 2016
AR Book Level: MY 3.9 - 4.4
Book Band: White
Catch Up Level: TBC
Lexile Level: 675 - 725
Pages: 52pp
Words: See individual title
Pack (format)
ISBN: 9781785911330

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Price as configured: £34.00


This pack includes the first six titles published in the Feely Tonks Series. Written by Feely as a series of diary entries, these fresh, irreverant books are perfect for girls between 7 - 12 with a reading age of 8 - 9, making them perfect for more reluctant readers.


Phoebe Dorcas Tonks is a brutally honest clever young lady, who is permanently annoyed at the world. Phoebe, or Feely for short, lives with her useless Mum and Dad - they're worse than having a single parent. Even at the best of times they only add up to three fifths of a decent parent. And then there's Feely's older brother Oliver. He's too big to live in a small house and his feet smell. It's like having a kitten - cute but then it grows up into a normal boring  cat and just lolls about the place stinking up the place.


Written by Barbara Catchpole,  the author of the PIG series, these books encourage  female readers and aid in the improvement of literacy skills.


This pack contains one copy of each of the following books form the Feely Tonks series;


Feely's Magic Diary

Feely for Prime Minister

Feely and her Well-Mad Parents

Feely Goes to Work

Feely and Henry VIII

Feely and Someone Else's Granny