Author Profile - Thomas Nealeigh

Author of: See You On The Backlot (Cutting Edge series).

Thomas Nealeigh grew up performing from the age of 5 with his parents’ traveling theatrical troupe. He received an undergraduate degree in English from California State University, and his Master’s degree in Theatre from Louisiana Tech University.

Nealeigh’s articles have appeared in various publications, and his plays have been produced all over the United States. His search for adventure has led him to a variety of jobs, including: Accountant, Museum Curator, Marketing Director, Singer, Law Clerk, Exotic Dancer, Theatre Producer, Security Agent, Archivist, Schoolteacher, Bodyguard, Minister, Cabaret Performer and Writer.

From living in his car, to riding with bikers, to residing in a Louisiana brothel, to wandering the plains of Africa (where he was adopted by a village in Senegal), Nealeigh has traveled extensively. Currently, he lives with his partner, Alice, and their two children in Hollywood, CA – where he runs the touring carnival-style sideshow troupe, FreakShow Deluxe, and performs as a talker and pain-proof man. Nealeigh eats glass, breathes fire, and lays on a bed of nails.