Author Profile - Joanne Hichens

Author of: Stained (Cutting Edge series).

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but as my father was a diplomat for many years I travelled quite a bit to new countries my parents were posted to – not that I objected of course! I’ve lived in Greece, New Zealand and America, amongst others.

We finally settled in South Africa, and I studied art as well as psychology at university, and did a Masters degree in creative writing at the University of Cape Town.

I’ve done quite a bit in my life as far as jobs go, including teaching art at university, running expressive art groups, running parenting workshops, and facilitating an eating disorder unit at a psychiatric hospital. Some people might say I have a short attention span, but all the experience I’ve had has been a very good grounding for becoming a writer! I now work as an editor and a writer, and enjoy doing both!

Being a mother of two teenage daughters really helps me also to understand young people of today, and gives me insight into the kind of issues and problems young people are facing.