Author Profile - David Orme

Author of: the Boffin Boy, Zone 13 and Starchasers series, and, with Helen Orme, the Thunderbolts and Trailblazers series. Also Flood, Fire, Plague, Gateway from Hell, Space Explorers and Blitz (Shades 2.0 series) and Fierce Creatures and The Moon (Reading Stars). Unlocking the Poet in Every Child.

I was a teacher for seventeen years, but when I found out that writing books was what I really wanted to do I thought I’d better give up teaching. I have written over 350 books, which sounds a lot but some of them are very short. (I once wrote a book in 45 minutes, but I didn’t tell the publisher that!)

I enjoy writing fiction and poetry best, though I have written lots of non-fiction too. It’s quite fun to write a book on a subject you don’t know anything at all about – I’ve written one called How to be a Pop Star! That’s the great thing about the Internet – it makes research really easy.

I’ve written two fiction series for Ransom Publishing where the same characters appear in each book. Starchasers is about a team of people who fly around the Galaxy sorting out problems for people. Find out about them at Boy is a graphic novel series that now has 18 titles, all wonderfully illustrated by Peter Richardson. My favourite is Boffin Boy Goes to Hollywood.

Usually superheroes are brilliant and brave, but in this book they are all totally useless! (Apart from Boffin Boy of course, and his dog, Katt. Yes, that is his name.) Boffin Boy’s website is, and he has a Facebook page too.

What started me off being a writer? Well, reading, of course, especially science-fiction – I loved it! So if you want to be a writer, get reading!

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