Author Profile - Chris Owen

Author of: the Hairy Mole series.

I was born in 1972 and grew up in Colchester, Essex. My childhood consisted of long hot summers and thick snowed winters and a few bits in between.

My favourite memories are camping by the sea on Mersea Island, sledging on hills known as hilly fields and walking in woods known as Friday woods.

I lived with my parents and my sister and every Sunday we would go and visit my mum’s mum, Nana and my dad’s mum and dad, Nanny and Grandad. It was quite cool as they lived next door to each other so there wasn’t far to travel in between visits. We spent more time with Nana as she was on her own and had a bigger and more interesting garden with a small hill and a couple of ditches.

Sunday tea time at Nana’s bungalow was a special event for me as I was given cheese or jam on toast which I am still keen on to this day. She had plentiful amounts of homemade jams in her well stocked larder and some strange tins of stuff that had been left over from the war. The rest of the family were made to eat salad that consisted of: beetroot, lettuce, boiled eggs, grated cheese and tinned peach slices – puke!

We all used to have to watch Songs of Praise as Nana was a bit religious. I went to church with her once and she said that I sang like an angel – however, she was going deaf.

My sister still lives in Essex and has two of the finest children an uncle could ever wish for. I had my sister’s voice in my head when writing the first Hairy Mole the Pirate book. She is amazingly funny and encourages guffs and belches all over the place.

The majority of the Hairy Mole books were written during my free time on Girasole Campsite in the heart of the Tuscan countryside in Italy. There was quite a lot of free time and a lot of beautiful people, there was quite a lot of rum too but that is another story.

I would say that all the Hairy Mole characters are based on my friends or odd people that I have met along the way. I believe it is easier to write in small manageable chunks and tie it altogether somehow at a later date. Sometimes I haven’t a clue what I will write but the only thing stopping me is finding something more ‘important’ to do – television, computer games or a good book usually battle for my attention. There is always something else to do but then if I had decided never to put pen to paper I would never have written anything and then where would we be?

If you want to contact me with any questions about HM or writing or whatever, that is fine. I am interested to hear about what you think of the books and what ideas you may have for future Hairy Mole adventures.


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