Author Profile - Barbara Catchpole

Author of: Dead Ed in My Head (Raven), the PIG and Feely Tonks series, ch@t and Bad Boy (Promises series) and Ben’s Room (Shades 2.0 series).

Barbara Catchpole was a teacher for over thirty years, a lot of time teaching those with special educational needs, English as an Additional Language and more or less anything else that was left over at the end of the timetabling (usually French). She started teaching when there were still blackboards and chalk. At that time the revolving blackboard was cutting edge technology and dinosaurs roamed the world.

She has three grown-up sons of whom she is unbearably proud, three wonderful daughters-in-law and an amazing grandson. Oh, and a long suffering husband! She still spends a lot of time in schools, leading workshops and working with young people.

Her main interest is in writing books for youngsters that are set in the real world and presenting characters that could be real teenagers. She has an unfortunately strong sense of humour, finding it difficult to take most things really seriously and so she tries to make her books funny most of the time (with just a little sadness thrown in because life’s like that). She believes that adults can communicate really well with teenagers if the adult just makes a huge effort and the teenager will stand still long enough.

She is to be held responsible for the creation of the character of PIG, a young man surrounded by domineering female relatives and recurring flatulence issues. Information about his adventures can be found on the website:

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