Author Profile - A. C. Flangan

Author of: Ecstasy (Cutting Edge series).

Alice believes that the ancient tradition of storytelling is still one of the most powerful means of communication. It allows us all to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and with this gain a better understanding and tolerance of the people we share this planet with.

A. C. Flanagan is a Sydney-based author and mother of two. Born in Newcastle, NSW, she is the middle child of seven. She grew up in an era where imagination was the main source of entertainment. In the 1960s, playing makeshift games in the streets of the inner city, she and the friends she grew up with made their own fun. In these streets the art of make-believe was cultivated and her passion for storytelling began.

With the death of her mother in 1977, Alice, at the age of fifteen, and her three younger siblings made an early transition from childhood to the responsibilities of an adult world. Running their own household like a mini commune, fitting in school work with part-time jobs, there was little time for make-believe. Text books replaced fiction and after High School Alice went on to study Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University. In the years that followed, her career path was far from that of a writer and included several years as a teacher followed by a career as a computer programmer and then a business analyst.

Her desire to write came when she was in her mid-twenties, but was not realised until she reached her late thirties. A time when her life took an unexpected turn as her second marriage broke down a short time after the birth of her second child. Faced with the many challenges and emotions that go hand in hand with raising children as a single parent, she was drawn, once again, to her own childhood and the desire to write was rekindled.

In a world which faces many environmental and social issues, Alice’s writing is inspired by the experiences and emotions which shape the human spirit.