Supporting Adult Literacy with Ransom Titles

Ransom specialises in publishing books to help older readers who are struggling with reading. In our range for teens and adults, a number of series offer titles which are ideal for adult literacy programmes.

These series are:


These series offer reading books which have been developed specifically for this purpose. The texts are low level, they cover the high frequency words and are all levelled with some with progression.

Levelling Adult Literacy Titles

Books for adult literacy are usually levelled in two ways.

  1. The SMOG Readability Level is a measure of how complex a text is to read. The lower the SMOG number, the easier the text is to read. (The lower possible SMOG score is 9.) SMOG is commonly used to level texts for adult literacy.
  2. The Adult Literacy Levels were developed by the UK Government in 2001 as part of the government's Skills for Life adult basic skills strategy. There are three entry levels, followed by Level 1 and Level 2.

Here are the SMOG levels and Adult Literacy Levels for the four Ransom series listed at the top of this page. Each is a downloadable PDF file.